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This past summer I came up with the hair-brained little scheme that I call Tattered Fly. I would start a blog where I would share what I learn about fishing, write down the adventures of my meanderings and dispensed what I believe is valuable information about fishing locations in Idaho.

With the help of some colleages at work the website was built and I went LIVE!. It started off slow at first. Only about 100 people found and read it the first month and that was primarily due to my good friends over at The River Keeer fly shop putting a link on their website. But I kept at it and the traffic increased. Links from other sites started popping up everywhere. I even had a real estate agent list my site on his website touting great fishing as one of the reasons to move to Idaho. (Sounds good to me.)

Since August the traffic has more than doubled each month. Google began indexing my site and traffic has jumped even more as people find their way here. Over 1300 different people read the site in December and we are on pace to blow that away this month. Almost 1000 visitors have come to the site and it’s not even the middle of the month yet.

But here lies my problem. I thought I would attract a very “chatty” crowd of visitors. When I go fishing and run into other anglers or bump into someone at a fly shop it seems like the discussions about fishing could go on forever. So why are people reticent to tell me online what they think? (Ever notice the ‘add comments’ link at the top of the article?) I don’t know and in fact I don’t even have a clue. But what I am thinking is that maybe this thing just needs to get jump started and then the flood gates will open. It’s worth a shot anyway.

So here’s what I am going to do. I am going to shamelessly bait you into leaving comments on the articles on this blog by offering free flies. Say it isn’t so! But wait there’s more-these aren’t just any old flies they are 100% guaranteed authentic, newly improved, unused, with no snake oil used, House of Harrop trout flies. Wow you say-and again I say-But wait there’s more, these aren’t any old House of Harrop flies. No sir. These have been tied by the actual man himself, Rene’ Harrop. How do I know you may ask? Well it’s simple, I bought a ton of them when I was in his Trout Hunter shop this past fall. And from what I was told (by people working at Trout Hunter) the flies in his shop are all tied by him.

If you go down to your local fly shop they may carry HoH flies but in all likelyhood they are not tied by him. I don’t know but maybe Rene’ has his kids chained up in his basement where he forces them to tie flies nonstop with only 30 minutes a day to go to the bathroom, eat and sleep just so he can fill all the orders. Maybe not. But the flies you buy from your local shop are tied by his family members and not him.

Don’t know who Rene’ Harrop is? Or you wonder if his flies are any good? Spend a few minutes Googling him along with his shop or book called “Trout Hunter”. I personally love Rene’s flies.

The contest explained:

Contest to run from now until February 15, 2006

I am offering 5 Rene Harrop flies ($12.50 value) of my choosing postpaid and delivered to the actual house of the following winners:

1. To the person that provides the most meaningful, funny, insightful or thought provoking feedback.

2. I have picked a number between 25 and 100 and written it down. And let’s say the number is 53, it’s not but let’s say that it is. If you submit the 53rd comment you would win.


1. I and only I will be the sole judge of the winners.

2. I will remove any comments that I think are offensive, inappropriate, do not add value or for any other reason that I want – hey it’s my site.

3. You may add as many comments as you like that do not conflict with rule #2.

4. Comments made on any Tattered Fly article are eligible.

5. Be sure to use a real email address that you can be reached at so that if you win I can contact you. I promise not to spam you, sell your email addie or use it for any nefarious purposes.

This offer is not available in any store-so act now.

In a couple days I will add pics of the flies to further entice you.



  1. 12 January 2006 Craig

    Well a swift kick in the tookus usually gets me motivated but second to that is free stuff! rock on! Did you ever order one of those infomercial items just to return it and get the “Free gift?” Well I haven’t quite gone that far but I have been tempted. I am usually one of the fans standing in line for free goodies though hours before the game even starts! YAY BOBBLEHEAD!!! ...right well then great idea and good luck to everyone.

  2. 12 January 2006 alan

    Count me in. I’m warming up my insight engine now.

  3. 13 January 2006 Pete

    I’m with you. When I noticed my traffic start to rise a while back, I set up comments on my site, but never got any so I turned them off. Let’s see how this goes for you. If you start getting some interaction, maybe on my blog I’ll offer a free slice of authentic New York Pizza, shipped wherever. (I’d offer a fly personally tied by me, but I’d probably have to PAY people $12.50 to take one.)

  4. 15 January 2006 Platt

    Hmmm… a chance to bloviate? And, perhaps, win something? Deal!

  5. 17 January 2006 Chris

    You can count me in. Just found this site a few weeks back. It’s a good one.

  6. 18 January 2006 Dan Bachman Sr.

    I suggest you start a discussion or message board to go along with your blog. They can be devoted to different topics, and the threads go on an on. Other people can add new threads. That way they talk to each other, not just to you. I’ll locate a couple of examples and send you the URL.


  7. 19 January 2006 Craig

    I support the idea of a forum/message board too! It would be very fun and helpful although they can be a pain to moderate and i Noticed that the whitting ones got hacked and they shut them down…

  8. 19 January 2006 Dan Bachman

    I am currently in the process of designing substantial changes to the site. The blog will be one component of the larger improved site with one of the things that I am looking at being a discussion board. It will include a seperate section for my articles about fishing for each of the species of trout as well. The site is only 6 months old but I am changing the visual design as well-hoping to build on the success of the current design. I anticipate having it done in a couple months.


  9. 20 January 2006 Craig

    I really like the design now especially with the incorporation of your artwork in the banner! Your blog is the only one that I can get to from work that the proxy doesn’t block so I really appreciate that it is here to give me something to read and lots of awesome pictures to look at. – Craig

  10. 23 January 2006 TODD CALDWELL

    i would like to see discussions of real fly fishing and less on what nymph pattern they are taking. I realize nymphs or subsurface food is the major source but it takes a skill un know to many to bring up large fish to the dry and that is the greatest thrill of all, watching the take!!
    Reading the water and stalking the big one is what im talking about

  11. 24 January 2006 Dan Bachman

    @ Todd – Certainly nymphing is fly fishing. I personally love watching the take of a dry over nymphing. As you can see from my earlier entries in the fall I discussed dries more. But winter fishing is more about nymphing than dries hence the focus lately. I can’t wait for spring to get back to dries. Blog entries will reflect what is currently working for me (or not) in the season. Stay tuned for spring and summer.

  12. 28 January 2006 Craig

    What is the first hatch that we will be seeing in the spring? This will be my frist spring as a fly fisherman.

  13. 17 February 2006 Kristy

    I know I missed the deadline for your contest, but I’ll leave a comment for FREE anyways! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog and have found it very entertaining. It reminds me of my own tirals and triumphs with the introduction of FishtheWest’s blog. It’s a tough market out there but they come around once they notice you’re serious with a not so serious attitude. Good luck to ya!

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